8 de jun. de 2015

Boat People (A Game of Mirrors)

Am I what they are not?
And what if I am,
Who cares?

Here I am one of them.
Above or under water,
They are none but me.
And I don’t know how to swim…

Why the water, why the sea?
Not enough of what I see:
Rape, shots and robbery.

When they came did I ask
“What is mine, dear Sir?
Tell me now:  what is yours?”
A piece of land, a precious stone, dark oil, hard wood –
Belonging to you, belonging to me?

Look, look!
They brought to us:
Mirrors, diseases and hand-me-downs.
Rifle in hand, foot of steel, here they are
And have always been.
A WILL like theirs is not my will.
What do I know?
And still…

Arms and legs and head and feet,
Here is the water,
My body just sinks.
Deep down, deep down, is there a THERE which is mine, which is yours?

I want to go where they came from
Vienna, June 8th 2015